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a little about Tony

a regular guy serving exceptional food

Chef Tony Giesbrecht has returned to Northern Alberta to share his culinary talents and creativity.

Tony's culinary training reaches as far back as his first jobs in Slave Lake, AB where he spent his high school years working at 2 local restaurants. After finishing high school, Tony, an avid musician, moved on to beautiful British Columbia to pursue a music degree and a dream of becoming a famous rock star. As Tony often jokes, "Rock and Roll doesn't always pay the bills", and so he often found his way into the kitchens of many Vancouver restaurants, honing his culinary skills and expanding his knowledge of Western Canadian Cuisine. After 6 years, Tony was ready to take the next step in his culinary career, and found himself Alberta-bound to study Culinary Arts at NAIT. During his 3 year stay in Edmonton, Tony wrote several successful menus for 2 restaurants, cooked in segments on Breakfast Televistion and CTV News, and entered countless cooking competitions; Even taking first place in the first annual #YEG Chopped Challenge in support of the Ronald MacDonald House Charity. 

Whether you are hosting a private dinner, wedding, birthday, or Christmas party, Tony and his highly skilled team are available to customize a menu to suit all your party needs.  We offer complete meal preparations for those busy modern day families, providing a "home cooked meal" without any fuss! Just pop in the oven and set a timer! Utilizing the abundance of Western Canadian products, Tony will design an event menu that will delight you and your guests.